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What to Expect from Google SEO

What to Expect from Google SGE

Understanding Google’s search evolution is crucial for growing your contracting business online. Therefore, a strong SEO strategy is vital with the implementation of Google SGE (Search Generative Experience).

By using AI to generate informative summaries on the search results page, GSE helps users get quick answers. For example, it can answer questions like “What are the typical costs for a bathroom renovation?” or “What permits do I need for a kitchen remodel?” without users having to click through various sites.

Today, we’ll look at Google SGE and its impact on your contracting business. You’ll learn how to shape your SEO SGE strategy to increase organic traffic in the AI-driven search landscape.

What Are Google SGE Features? 

AI is revolutionizing SEO! Search strategies like semantic and conversational search are just the tip of the iceberg. Google’s latest feature, GSE, exemplifies this evolution by using AI to generate informative summaries directly on search results pages. Here’s what to expect:

AI Overviews

Traditionally, search engine results pages (SERPs) presented a list of websites that might be relevant to a user’s query. The user then had the burden of sifting through those results, licking on multiple links, and evaluating each website to find the information they needed.

AI Overviews, a feature of Google SGE, completely changes this dynamic. Instead of just offering a list of links, it provides users with pre-digested summaries directly on the search results page. 

Interactive Search

Have you ever typed a question into Google and ended up staring at a screen full of unhelpful, or even misguided, results? It’s happened to all of us.

That’s where Google SGE comes in, with its handy Interactive Search feature. Interactive search is like a personal search assistant. It suggests related searches that explore different parts of your original question, giving you a more complete picture of the topic.

Upgraded Gemini Model

A big part of the Google SGE Update 2024 is a new “Gemini model.” Think of it as a super-smart search assistant who understands your questions better than ever.

By simplifying complex searches, this upgrade lets users find what they want with ease. This is because SGE considers the difficulty of the search query, giving you a complete answer in one go.

The SGE Update 2024 allows you to dig deep to find relevant information you might have missed. Searching for “average roof repair cost” might lead SGE to suggest related searches on factors affecting those costs or common roof repair problems. This way, you can explore the topic in more detail.

Comparisons and Key Considerations

With the 2024 Google SGE update, it can even act as a comparison tool. Let’s say a user searches for “plumbers in California.” With a strong SEO strategy, your plumbing business could appear in the SGE results alongside competitors. 

SGE might also display key business comparisons, including highlighting positive customer reviews. This puts you in a prime position to stand out and attract potential customers.

Where Google SGE Needs Improvement

Google GSE can be a powerful tool for contractors’ SEO, but it has limitations. Here are some key areas where SGE could be improved:

Accuracy and Trustworthiness

Since SGE is still under development, it could generate inaccurate or misleading information. Thus, users need to evaluate the summaries. 

Limited Transparency

Unlike traditional search results, where you see the source of the information, SGE summaries can be opaque. It’s not always clear where SGE pulls its information from, making it difficult for users to assess the credibility of the presented content.

Potential Bias

AI generative models can inherit biases from the data they’re trained on. This could lead to SGE summaries that are biased towards certain viewpoints, which marketers should be mindful of. 

Focus on Simplicity Over Nuance

SGE might struggle with topics that require in-depth analysis or nuanced understanding. For complex searches, users might still need to consult traditional search results.

What to Expect from Google SEO

Why Is SEO Strategy SGE Critical for Local Contractors?

The Google SGE update in 2024 is a double-edged sword for your business. Sure, it offers you a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers, but it also introduces new challenges. Here’s why having a solid SEO strategy is crucial in the age of SGE:

Level Up Your Competition

Suppose a user is searching for “carpenters near me.” SGE might not just display a list of carpenters but also showcase customer reviews and highlight areas of expertise. This spotlights businesses that have built a strong online reputation and user experience. 

To compete effectively, you’ll need a robust SEO SGE strategy. Focus on positive customer reviews and high-quality content that showcases your expertise. Create a user-friendly website that provides a seamless experience for potential clients.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Google’s search algorithms are constantly evolving, and SGE is no exception. As the underlying AI evolves, the factors influencing search rankings will continue to change. 

Traditional SEO tactics like simply stuffing keywords into your website won’t be enough. You’ll need a comprehensive strategy that prioritizes user experience. High-quality content that addresses your local audience’s specific needs is more important than ever. 

Demonstrate Expertise

Optimizing for SGE requires ongoing research and adaptation. It’s not just about throwing keywords at a wall and hoping for the best. Partnering with a reputable SEO agency can give you a significant advantage. 

SEO experts can help you navigate the ever-changing SEO landscape. This way, you can develop a targeted strategy that leverages SGE’s features. You can ensure your business stays visible in search results, attracting qualified leads.

How to Thrive in the Age of Google SGE

Amid Google search evolution, you can still ensure your contracting business gets seen by the right people at the right time. Don’t let the ever-changing search landscape leave you behind. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you leverage the power of Google SGE to attract more clients and grow your business.

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