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Your website should function as a sales tool.
Make sure you are getting the most out of your website!

Your company’s website is a critical tool for business development. For most users online, their first exposure to a brand is through that brand’s website. It is important that your website design matches the branding of your business and accurately reflects your service offerings, team, and the way you communicate and/or conduct business.

Can Your Website Enhance SEO?

At Hercules SEO, we collaborate with our clients to understand their brand, services or products, and their target audience before embarking on designing or redesigning a website that is built for SEO. It is important for us to capture an organization’s brand correctly while still adhering to best SEO practices to maximize results.

Ensuring that your new website is SEO friendly enables us to execute a successful marketing strategy. This can position you at the forefront of search engines. Websites that are slow, hard to navigate, or have faulty coding can negatively affect SEO and hinder your online visibility. This can mean less traffic, lower engagement, and plummeting rankings.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Website?

All of our websites are developed through WordPress, a content management system that is SEO friendly. WordPress is our go to choice because the platform provides consistent updates for website themes, plugins, and tools that allow us to ensure our clients’ websites are kept up to date. Here are some additional benefits of using WordPress for your website if you are serious about SEO:

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Our websites are compatible with all types of browsers to ensure that everyone can access them and get the information they need. Furthermore, our websites are mobile friendly. Searchers often use their mobile devices or tablets to access the internet, and we ensure all of our websites offer the best experience no matter what size the screen may be.

Many websites are pieces of artwork. You have invested countless hours and effort to ensuring that the website matches your brand and looks appealing. But do not forget to make sure that your website is built to be a sales tool as well. Having quality content and clear calls-to-action can convert website visitors into sales. Speak with our experts to see how website design can help you and your business garner more leads today.

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