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Many businesses can benefit from social media marketing services. However, with so many platforms, it can be difficult to determine which outlet is best for your company. Furthermore, companies question how much they should invest in social media. This is where Hercules SEO can be of assistance. Our social media services help to bypass the guesswork for business owners and give them the opportunity to focus on running their business instead.

Whether you are switching from one marketing agency to another or starting from the ground up, our process is very similar. We track your progress to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your campaign. Then we formulate a strategy and test it out. After reviewing the data and conversions, we make adjustments and repeat the process.

When we are able to gather better data, we are able to provide business owners with better results. Hercules SEO strives to collaborate with our clients and learn about their business needs in order to implement an effective strategy that yields tangible results.

Why Social Media Marketing Can Be a Smart Investment for Your Business

Social media marketing campaigns are specifically designed to target a particular demographic so you can narrow in on audiences that are actually searching for your products or services. Most platforms allow for users to share content and images to maximize your engagement with potential clients. While Facebook remains one of the most popularly used social media platforms, your content may be better suited for LinkedIn or Instagram. If you are offering B2B services, for example, it may be beneficial to explore marketing on LinkedIn. It is important to determine which platform is right for you, your business, and your clientele before you dive in.

When you increase your brand awareness with high-quality and relevant content that rivals that of your competitors, users are more likely to trust the information you are providing and may be more likely to acquire your product and/or services.

Furthermore, when a client starts ranking for more keywords, and at higher positions on search engines, then it is inevitable that a larger volume of relevant users (or potential clients) will have more visibility of your brand.

Having a strong content strategy in place can bolster your SEO and provide you with fodder to share on your social media platforms. We like to evaluate market and industry research as well as user needs to generate relevant information that potential clients can deem worth sharing. However, in most cases, in order to stay relevant, companies need to listen and engage with their audience.

Engaging and useful content continues to be the best method to attract new eyes to your website and brand. Some popular types of content include:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
Do you have useful content to share with your audience? Are unsure of how to best position yourself online or on social media? If you are ready to talk with an expert regarding social media marketing reach out to Hercules SEO today! Our team can help determine which strategies are better suited to provide you with results based on market research.

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Social Media Marketing Improve Your SEO?

Social media is not shown to directly impact SEO; however, it can support your SEO efforts. Social media can contribute to building trust in your brand which can strengthen customer loyalty. This can positively impact brand awareness and often leads to increased traffic. In other words, we recommend distributing content onto your social media platforms to strengthen the signals to search engines that your content is useful to your target audience.

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