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SEO Investment Benefits: A Case Study on Custom Home Builder Growth

SEO Investment Benefits: A Case Study on Custom Home Builder Growth

Home builders are pitted against one another to win local business. And any contractor can quickly lose ground to the competition. That is why it is so important for home builders to consider the benefits of investing in SEO. 

The Evolution of SEO for Custom Home Builders 

Forget the days of simple keywords and website magic. In today’s competitive landscape, custom home builders need a robust SEO strategy that adapts to Google’s algorithm shifts, consumer trends, and the ever-changing digital landscape. Falling behind means falling behind your competition. So, how do you stay ahead of the curve? Let’s dive into the evolution of SEO and explore how home builders can master it for success.

Case Study: Custom Home Builders Growth Through SEO

Hercules SEO details below how SEO helped grow a custom home builder’s business. The home builder wanted to focus on growing its outreach and influence online. To do so, the company opted to work on its SEO strategy and found tremendously positive results. 

Background of the Case Study 

Once struggling to attract leads through organic search, the company faced challenges that severely impacted its online visibility. Their website lagged in search engine results, leaving them with minimal organic traffic and missed opportunities. They recognized the need for a strategic solution and embarked on a transformative SEO journey. This case study delves into the strategies they implemented and the remarkable results they achieved, showcasing how SEO can be a powerful tool for any construction business seeking growth.

SEO Investment Benefits: A Case Study on Custom Home Builder Growth

SEO Strategies Implemented 

The company was keen on using local search engine optimization tactics to help draw in as much of a localized audience as possible. We pitched them this strategy because custom home builders often rely upon their business coming from local personnel. They are the ones who are most likely to contact those home builders, and that is the kind of business that the home builders can count on in the long run. 

In addition to a local SEO search strategy, the company also leaned in on using backlinks to relevant blogs and other relevant websites. This helped to build the company’s trust ratios and made it possible for the company to be viewed as a leader in its industry. 

Results Achieved 

In this case study, the custom home building company found smashing success when it implemented the strategies mentioned above. A few of the statistics that popped out include: 

  • 984% increase in first-page rankings 
  • 774% increase in traffic value
  • 500% Increase in phone calls from Google Maps

It is impossible to guarantee these types of results for every company that opts to use SEO strategies. Still, it is almost always the case that using SEO strategies will help improve a contractor’s bottom line. 

Key SEO Tactics for Custom Home Builders

You have already heard about some of the critical SEO strategies used by the custom home builder company mentioned above. However, it is still important to review the various SEO tactics that custom home builders can and should use to improve their results. 

Keyword Optimization 

There is no doubt that keyword optimization is one of the primary tactics that custom home builders (and anyone else) should use. Always focus on which keywords you will use throughout your website to attract the type of website traffic that you truly need. 

Local SEO Enhancement 

Improving the SEO on your website means focusing on a local approach. What does that look like? Well, you need to localize every piece of the content on the website. Don’t just say “custom home builder,” but try something like “custom home builder nampa idaho.” Wherever your local market is, that is what you ought to target for your website. If you perform that search, you’ll see the client we are discussing #1 on Google.

Quality Content Creation

It’s not just about creating content that works with the Google algorithm. You must also create high-quality content that people want to read. Your content should be so enjoyable to read that people want to pass it on after checking it out themselves. 

Analyzing the Impact of SEO on Outreach

There is little doubt that outreach is one of the primary goals of anyone putting quality SEO into their website. This is to say that you should see improvements to your outreach when you law out an effective strategy. So, what does some of that improvement look like?

Increased Online Visibility 

One of the top goals of anyone putting together an effective SEO program is to improve their online visibility. After all, a big part of this project is to improve one’s marketing and recognition in the public. When you do that, your SEO efforts can pay off immediately. 

SEO Investment Benefits: A Case Study on Custom Home Builder Growth

Higher Traffic and Lead Generation

A larger number of people visiting your website means that you have established your website as the kind of site people want to visit. It also drives higher sales. 

Improved Local Engagement

As we have touched on already, a high level of local engagement is a great way to build up one’s contractor business. The locals can drive in a lot of new business, so SEO strategies for home builders should always focus on this. 

Lessons Learned from the Case Study 

The most important takeaway from the case study is that there is no better time than now to start working on your SEO strategy. There is only so much business to go around, and you need to get your hands on as much of it as you can. 

The Future of SEO for Custom Home Builders

SEO isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it will continue to become increasingly important with time. You need to stay on top of how SEO is changing and what must be done to make the most of the Google algorithm and everything it can offer you. 

Investing in SEO for Growth

Finally, you should take some time to consider investing in SEO for the growth of your business. We have helped plenty of companies and individuals do just that, and we want to hear from you. If you are ready to start growing your contractor business, please contact us with your questions and/or concerns. We are standing by to help. 

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