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Accelerate your marketing with paid advertising that compliments your SEO.

PPC Management is the management of PPC advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of paid marketing that allows ads to appear before the organic results in a search engine. When an end-user clicks on an advertisement, the business pays for every click made to the ad. Despite the fact that PPC advertising can be costly, this method of marketing is generally one of the fastest ways to generate new business and see a return on investment.

During the planning phase of PPC management, Hercules SEO conducts the following tasks:

PPC advertising is very targeted, allowing you to target specific keywords, select the demographics of your audience, and to target similar audiences. You can target users that have already clicked on your ads once, which can keep your brand, product, and/or service offering at the top of their minds. This is often referred to as remarketing. You can also target similar demographics to the one that you are remarketing to. For example, if you are hoping to target 30-year old men, and the intent is to purchase a pick-up truck, you can also target 30 year old men in general, despite knowing whether they have searched for this product or not.

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PPC advertising can increase traffic to your website and in turn, increase your revenue. With PPC management services, you receive management of your PPC strategy and campaigns so you can focus on running the business. If you currently have an ongoing SEO campaign, our team and take the extra steps to determine where PPC advertising can complement your SEO to make sure we are maximizing your digital marketing efforts. If you are ready to speak with a Hercules SEO representative,

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