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At Hercules SEO, we specialize in crafting tailor-made general contractor SEO strategies. With our expertise in SEO for contractors, we’re committed to helping you rise above the competition and connect with the right clients. 

Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to driving targeted traffic to your website, boosting your online presence, and ultimately, growing your contracting business. 

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Informative Content Can Build Backlinks

General Contractor SEO by Hercules SEO

Due to the advances of search engines, in order to appear in search results, organizations have to be mindful of their SEO. The team at Hercules SEO can help develop a competitive digital marketing plan for any general contractor, including, but not limited to:

Contractors need to ensure that they are digital to keep up in the market. This multifaceted marketing solution involves having quality content, a SEO friendly website, as well as domain authority.

Competitive Analysis For General Contractors

When developing a successful digital marketing campaign for contractors, we start off by performing a competitive analysis to determine who the competitors are overall and who is competing for the marketshare online. Once these players within the industry are identified, the team dives into keyword research to select top sales-driving keywords and terms.

In order to identify optimal keywords for your strategy we consider the following:

Monthly Search Volume:

The number of times a word or phrase is searched for through search engines

Keyword Difficulty:

Determines how difficult it is to rank for a keyword and guides what terms to strategize with.

Cost Per Click:

This shows the average cost of a click for this keyword or term on a paid search.

This data is important for identifying goals and actionable steps for an SEO campaign for contractors. Generally, we ensure that we are targeting keywords and terms that are easier to rank for. However, every campaign is different depending on the industry and their unique business goals.

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Building Seo Friendly Websites And  Content

When an organization publishes targeted content that is relevant to their audience, it can improve their search rankings and in turn, impact traffic to their website. The probability of converting website visitors into leads increases with an influx of traffic and a website optimized to be a lead generation machine.

Many agencies (including us) recommend WordPress for websites and for good reason. The platform is very SEO friendly and makes producing optimized content easy. WordPress web pages have built in HTML tags that make it easy for users to navigate through; and furthermore, WordPress’ semantic markup allows for search engines to easily scan and index content. This allows search engines, such as Google, to learn about the content and determine whether it is going to be relevant to searchers looking to hire a contractor in their area.

Website Security
Website Security
Mobile Responsiveness
Mobile Responsiveness
Page Speed
Page Speed
Schema Markup
Schema Markup
Content (Quality And Length)
Content(Quality and Length)
Optimized Images
Optimized Images
Social Signals
Social Signals

And finally, we need to be mindful of the user experience. Websites that are hard to navigate, can disrupt whether a user finds the information that they are looking for. We work with our developers and clients to make sure that the website is easy to navigate through. It is critical that the experience is streamlined to minimize confusion and to enhance conversion rates.

    How to Track Your Digital Marketing Campaign

    Hercules SEO strives to provide transparent and easy-to-
    understand reporting so that contractor clients can access their marketing strategies and provide feedback for continuous improvement. We monitor the following to adjust your campaign periodically:

    A Digital Marketing Strategy That Focuses On Improving Your SEO Is Going To Positively Impact Your Business  Development.

    Making sure that your website is optimized for search engines will mean that goliaths like Google are going to put you in front of consumers when they are searching for your products or services. In other words, you increase your chances of a consumer selecting you when they are ready to make a buying decision.

    SEO takes time and can yield outstanding results so you want to start now. There are a lot of details to be aware of and if you are feeling overwhelmed with where to begin, reach out to our team today. Hercules SEO specializes in digital marketing for contractors and can provide you with insights to complement your business development needs no matter how big or small.

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